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Healthy Cafeteria Tips for Your Kids

Follow a few simple rules and your kids won't go hungry, and will stay healthy.

It's not always easy to ensure that when they're on their own, your kids are making the right choices. Here are some tips that will provide you with more confidence that they will.

Make sure your kids eat a healthy breakfast every morning. If they don't, they're more likely to binge on junk food during lunch. And encourage them to include a piece of fruit with their meal. If the school isn't serving fruit that day, send some with them in a lunch sack. This will satisfy their sweet tooth as well as give them something healthy in their bodies.

Encourage your child to choose veggies with their meal. Explain to them that it's not only good for you, but will also give them energy without all the calories. Serve veggies with meals at home as much as possible, too. This will get them in the habit of eating these types of foods with every meal. Parents, eat your veggies, too! Your kids will easily pick up on your habits.

Send water with your child to school every day. They are allowed to bring water into the classrooms in most cases, but be sure to check with the teachers to make sure they're comfortable with the idea. Staying hydrated and drinking at least 8 bottles of water a day will keep them energized. They can refill their bottles at the water fountains in-between classes.

Explain to your child that eating healthy is not about eating less. It's about putting the right things in your body. Your body knows what to do with all the good stuff you put in it. If you don't put anything in it, then it's more likely to hold onto what you give it, even if that is fatty foods.

Above all these other tips, the most important thing is to educate yourself and your child. Make sure they know what healthy eating means and what is involved in a well-rounded meal. Even if they can't always get everything at every meal, knowing what they need will ensure they don't get the WRONG things instead.

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